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O Buscador
"Quando olho para os Céus, não estou procurando por um Deus que vive no espaço exterior, estou lendo as estrelas e ouvindo os seus mistérios (Tehilim 19)". Deepak Sankara Veda

Faça Uma Tzedaká (Doação)

Faça Uma Tzedaká (Doação)
O Segredo Da Doação

Secrets of the Avatar

The first time I watched the film Avatar, I knew immediately that this was one of those rare films whose message would cause much impact. Filled with spiritual codes and a powerful and positive message about the preservation of nature. But this is only the surface of the film, only the "P'shat (literal)" and only those who were initiated into "Netiv'Ot Peli'Ot (Mystical Paths)" may see the high hidden secrets in the film.

"I See You..."


I'll start with the etymology of the name "Avatar" and it already causes surprise and admiration. Avatar is a Sanskrit word that comes from the "Avatar" which means "Descent," the descent of a high spiritual entity in a body, this is part of the secret, because "Avatar" comes from "Ava'Tarah" or better revealing "Ava'Torah" which translated is "The Descent from the Torah."

The movie is full of codes of the Torah and the Holy Qabalah and it requires a high-minded, magnified by the "Spice (The Hidden Wisdom)" so that these codes are revealed. I will not quote here the "Spice" at random, it is certain that "Avatar" was inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune.


The name of the native inhabitants of "Pandora" is actually of Jewish origin, even if the "language na'vi" has been created for this world and its natives. Na'vi means "prophet / seer," or, in other words "He who sees." One of the phrases uttered in the film is "I see you". The Hebrew word for "eye" is "ayin" whose value gematric (calculating the numerical value of Hebrew letters) is 70, which in turn is the same value of the word "sod" which means "Mystery / Secret. Then "I see you" refers to see beyond the outer layer, see the "soul", see the inner mysteries, what normal people do not see.


The moon Avatar (Avatar is the planet) is called "Pandora" and is an allusion to "Gan Eden (Garden of Eden)" where everything is bright. The "Na'vi" are the "Shom'rei Ha-Gan Eden - The Guardians of the Garden of Eden (Paradise)." It's in the Garden of Eden, as revealed in the Holy Zohar, where the "Messiah" is hidden in a place called "Bird's Nest." The Qabalah tells us that everything in the world has its form and name engraved in the Garden of Eden, and there is all that is bioluminescent.

Toruk Mactô

The giant "bird" in whose name means na'vi "The last shadow." The mystery here alludes to the "last downside" that "Jack Sully" must master to achieve the awareness of Mashiach, the "last qlipá (shell)" and then become "Toruk Mactô - The Knight of theLast  Shadow." In other words, the "messiah" is in "Ha-QAN Tzipor (The Bird's Nest)" to make the necessary corrections and achieve their full messianic consciousness. The name "Jack" is short for "Jakob" which in Hebrew is "Ya'kov" the patriarch of the twelve tribes of Isra'El, Jack Sully is the "Sixth Toruk Mactô" or better revealing he is the incarnation of " Mashiach Ben Yosef "the" Messiah Isra'El Warrior ", who will make war against" Armilus - The Prince of Gog and Magog "and against" Amaleq "and also alludes to the Sefirot of Yesod, the sixth of the" Little Face God. Jack has a physical disability as Moses (Moses) our teacher had. Jack Sully is also called "Dreamwalker" which in English means "He who walks in dreams," alluding again to the awareness of Mashiach ben Joseph, also known as "Ha-Iosef Tsadiq. Amaleq is Qlipá (shell) of the Sephiroth of Netzach on the Tree of Life.

(The Ritual Slaughter)

The "Jewish kosher slaughter " is called "Shechitah (שחיטה)" which is practiced by the Jewish butcher who is trained for it since childhood. Before the sacrifice, the person then talk with the animal, thanking him for the food that will become his flesh and recites specific prayers to "raise the nefesh (soul)" of the animal the higher worlds. At Avatar we are taught about the mystery at the very beginning of the film when Neytiri kills an animal to save Jack's life. Then we see Jack Sully doing the same, and this is also an allusion to Tikkun Olam - Correction of the World.


While Jack is trying to convince Neytiri to help him, the "Sacred Tree Seeds - Eywa" come and rest on it. Neytiri shows that are "Pure Souls". In the Qabalah, these souls are called "Tzadiqim - The Souls of the Righteous". Eywa is the Tree of Life and its name is an allusion to the name of Gd, "the sacred tetragrammaton which the Qabalists pronounce" Hewayê. Change the letters in place (anagram) and you will find "Eywa. When these pure souls are in the body of a na'vi, this native is called "Tsahik" a term very similar to the Hebrew "Tsadiq" which means "Righteous." A Tsahik are that interprets the "signs of Eywa. There is still the "Tree of Souls" another allusion to the Tree of Life and there is also the "Voices of the Trees."


It is the name given to the "Floating Mountains" Avatar, released us back toward the Torah. The Midrash tells us that on the morning of Shavu'Ot when the Torah was revealed, God raised the "Har Sinai (Mount Sinai)" above the heads of Israelis. The Hebrew word "Har (mountain)" comes from "Hirhurim" which means "thoughts". The secret here is that, for the Torah was "descent" from heaven to earth, the Jews had to "Raise your thoughts," and this is the secret of "Ascent of Moses on Mount Sinai to receive the Torah. The Gemara tells us that when Moses was receiving the Torah, he had a vision of Rabbi Akiva who God would reveal the secret of "Tagin (the crowns of the letters)" and then said to Moses Creador He should give Torah to Rabbi Akiva. In response, the Gemara tells us that God said to Moses: "Take heed and elevate your thoughts."

Rabbi Misha'El Yehudá - author of the article

O Artesão Da Luz

O Artesão Da Luz
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